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Drug Test Policy Acknowledgement

All newhires are required to take a drug test at either our location or designated certified location of our choice. The results of the test will be used to determine your eligibility of employment and wanton in the event of an accident. You are also subjecet to non-random drug testing, these test are not random and used as deterant to prevent substance use and abuse. Termination is not our first approach to any postive result, with exceptions to test involving an accident. In the event of an accident at the workplace, at another undesignated area, or in a dealer vehicle you are also required to complete a drug test within 24-48 hours. We also ask that you complete the accident page and report the accident to your manager. Substance use can lead to safety risk for sales representatives and their staff, please report any suspicious activity via our hazadours conditions webform. Our goal is to create a safe and discrimination free environment. Our drug testing and Safety policies are designed to keep our businesses professional and legal. We also offer support and recommend counsiling for anyone experincing difficulties due to substance use or abuse. Please use the forms and monitor your professionalism while at work at all times. Disciplinary Results may occur due to positive testing and may lead to termination.





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